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Training workshops and learning programmes


To enable delegates to work effectively within a team.

By the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify own roles and responsibilities within their team
  • Explore the different roles required of effective team members and the dynamics of different teams
  • Identify the features of effective and ineffective teams
  • Identify and resolve barriers to communication within teams
  • Identify and resolve barriers to effective team working.



Session One

Welcome and Introduction
•  Workshop Aim and Objectives
•  Tutor and delegate introductions
•  Icebreaker exercise

Session Two

Barriers to Effective Teamworking
•  Group exercise
•  Tutor debrief and group discussion
•  Why teamwork? Group exercise and tutor-led feedback

Session Three

What Role do You Play?
•  Belbin's Team Roles tutor input
•  Individual questionnaire and analysis of preferred team roles

Session Four

What Makes an Effective Team?
•  Individual exercise and group feedback
•  Developing the team tutor-led discussion

Session Five

Communicating Effectively within the Team
•  Case study exercise
•  Group exercise and feedback

Session Six

Stages of Team Development
•  Tutor-led discussion
•  Group exercise

Session Seven

Team Working Exercise
•  Brief for teamworking group exercise
•  Group exercise
•  Group feedback and debrief

Session Eight

Workshop Review and Evaluation
•  Review of key learning points
•  Individual Action Plan

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