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Bibby Financial Services Limited

“On recommendation Acumen provided an Appraisal and Performance Development programme on a national basis, which has been in operation for the past four years. In addition, an eight-module development programme for staff, teams and managers in three locations – Leicester, Banbury and Manchester has been introduced over an eighteen-month period.

We enjoy working in partnership with Acumen, who takes the time, trouble and effort to understand the needs of the business and adapt programmes accordingly. The style of delivery had been well received from staff at all levels.”

(Miriam Koller, Human Resource Manager, Bibby Financial Services Limited)

Additional programmes have been provided in response to individual office requirements (11 offices nationally), e.g. Client Manager Development, Team Building, Recruitment and Selection.

"Our company has had a close working relationship with Acumen for over 4 years. Over this period, they have taken the time to fully understand our business and our employees in order to provide customised training and development solutions which have helped us to deliver real results."

(Ray Lowrey, Head of Operations, Liverpool)

Delegate Feedback from Bibby Financial Services Limited:

“I found all the courses interesting and useful.”

“I particularly enjoyed meeting other client managers and exchanging information and ideas.”

“The disciplinary workshop was very informative as I have not been involved in the procedure for a long time.”

“Senior management are pleased with results from courses as they have enabled me to coach and train my staff better and deal confidently with difficult and sensitive situations.”

“I attended two of the workshops, Effective Management and Induction Processes. Since being seconded to the Bristol office, I have had more control over induction and this has definitely helped.”

“Effective Management was a great course. I immediately implemented a change in working practice, which made me more effective at work. I like to think my communication skills have improved through this as well.

“Not only did Effective Management help me, but assisted others who have now changed their own procedures.

“I personally found the courses that I attended very useful and find that I have gained a lot from them. I did like that they were spread out so you could actually put what you had learned into practice before attending the next one.”

“I thought this course was very well presented and the explanations and role-plays etc. were easy to follow and understand which make it better to take in. I have definitely gained more experience and refreshers, which has helped in the Audit role. The courses were enjoyable and everyone got on well, which helps build up relationships within the group.

“Assertiveness and Influencing Skills most useful – have put into practice in professional and personal life.”

“I have certainly learned and retained some very useful stuff. I think the best from the course has been:

  • Networking with others within Bibby Financial Services Limited
  • All the aspects of communication within the course
  • Understanding and appreciation of staff and your influence / effect on their performance
  • Confidence building.”

Harlech Foodservice

Acumen programmes are not “one size fits all”
“Acumen made sure they fully understood Harlech Foodservice and its culture before designing bespoke courses. All delegates were encouraged to actively participate and were encouraged to work hard during their sessions to make the subject relevant to their job, their department and all the other departments they work with. Consequently, all delegates gained a much deeper insight into how and why they needed to do things together, to produce greater efficiencies and harmony. As Managing Director, I am confident that we get value for money and real results that can be measured. For a change – our staff actually agree!”

Acumen weren’t afraid to “take the bull by the horns”
“When we started to look at Customer Care, it became clear that systems and old ways of working were part of the problem, and these could only be changed at Board level. It would have been easy to ignore those flaws in the system and just train staff to deliver customer care as best they could, but Acumen persuaded us that this would not produce the results we really wanted, and those system and culture changes have now been made. That has not only resulted in better customer care, but an improvement in business practices that has saved us money. I respect their integrity and value their services.”

(Steve Foskett, Managing Director, Harlech Foodservice)

RWE npower plc, Dolgarrog Power Station

Supporting the organisation to cascade a culture change programme, e.g. Team Development and Effective Working Relationships at all levels within the organisation.
"Running the change programme within the business has given us the flexibility to focus on issues specific to our organisation and the training has related clearly to our needs and priorities. The feedback has been positive, and staff irrespective of their views on the change programme have praise for the tutors, and their skill in facilitating challenging group discussions whilst navigating through the programme."

(John Baxendale, Business Support Manager, RWE npower plc)


We have run a number of training courses through Acumen during the last three years. We have been thoroughly impressed with the high standard of training delivery and how the trainers were able to make sure the content was focused on the issues that were important to us. Even when the subject matter has been complex, a practical approach using straightforward examples has helped make learning easier.

(Patrick Cauldbeck, Company Training Manager, Makro)


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