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Training workshops and learning programmes

Managing Stress

To help delegates deal with stress in the workplace.

By the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of addressing the issue of stress in the workplace
  • Identify the key sources of stress and the effects of stress in the workplace
  • Explore a range of possible coping strategies for stress



Session One

Welcome and Introduction
•  Tutor and delegate introductions
•  Icebreaker exercise, The Stress Questionnaire
•  Workshop aim and objectives

Session Two

The Meaning of Stress and Strain
•  Syndicate exercise
•  Group discussion
•  Tutor de-brief on the definition of and different perspectives on stress
•  Video - Stress and You Part I
Individual questionnaire

Session Three

Cost of Stress to the Organisation
•  Impaired performance and productivity
•  Syndicate exercise
•  Tutor de-brief
•  Long-term organisational stress
•  Video - Stress and You Part II
•  Individual questionnaire
•  Time-balance exercise

Session Four

Occupational Sources of Stress
•  Personal stress questionnaire
•  Type A/B behaviour
•  Tutor-led discussions
•  Motivational exercise - Barriers To Me

Session Five

Coping Strategies
•  Dealing with stress at work
•  Unhelpful habits
•  Positive strategies
•  Individual exercises
•  Tutor de-brief

Session Six

Action Planning
•  Video - Stress and You Part III
•  Action planning exercise

Session Seven

Workshop Review
•  Workshop evaluation
•  Workshop closure

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