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Training workshops and learning programmes

Managing Difficult People

To develop practical techniques and skills to enable delegates to handle difficult and potentially confrontational situations with confidence in order to achieve business results.

By the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Examine and identify their own preferred management style and understand how that can impact on people's ability to meet organisational standards
  • Adopt an appropriate style of behaviour to handle difficult people and deal with confrontation confidently
  • Utilise specific communication skills that help control difficult situations
  • Use a range of motivational strategies to maximise people's performance
  • Improve the performance of teams through effective delegation.



Session One

Welcome and Introduction
•  Workshop aim and objectives
•  Tutor and delegate introductions
•  Icebreaker exercise

Session Two

•  Group exercise
•  Feedback and tutor de-brief

Session Three

Handling Difficult Situations
Group discussion to identify difficult situations encountered and types of difficult people. Tutor input and group discussion to explore techniques for handling difficult people.

Session Four

Understanding behaviour and its effects
•  What makes a person difficult?
•  Recognising difficult behaviour
•  How do we modify behaviour?

Session Five

Personal Impact and Influencing Skills
•  Self assessment of own managerial style
•  Group discussions
•  Tutor debrief

Session Six

Communication Skills That Help Deal with Difficult People
•  Listening skills
•  Questioning techniques
•  The use of feedback
•  Non-verbal communication
•  Case study exercises
•  Tutor debrief

Session Seven

Review of Day One Objectives
Workshop close

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