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Training workshops and learning programmes

Customer Service

To enable delegates to develop a customer-led approach to the organisation

By the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Examine the service provided from the customer's perspective
  • Identify the benefits of good customer care and the costs of getting it wrong
  • Establish and maintain effective customer relationships
  • Identify and respond to customers' requirements in the most appropriate way
  • Clarify and resolve problems and handle complaints successfully



Session One

General Welcome and Introduction
•  Icebreaker exercise
•  Explanation of workshop aim and objectives
•  Hopes and fears exercise

Session Two

What is Good Customer Service?
•  Tutor input and group discussion to identify who are the internal and external customers
•  Group exercise to explore how and why delegates have contact with customers
•  Group discussion to identify the benefits of good customer service and the costs of getting it wrong

Session Three

The Key Skills in Effective Communication
•  A range of group exercises to explore
   •  active listening
   •  effective questioning techniques
   •  non-verbal communication
   •  feedback skills
•  Tutor input and group discussion to identify techniques for improving existing communication skills

Session Four

Problems and Misunderstandings
•  Tutor and group discussion to explore problems encountered in face to face and telephone communication, and to examine how misunderstandings occur

Session Five

Preparation for Role Play Exercise

Session Six

Using the Telephone Effectively
•  Exploring effective telephone techniques for:
   •  projecting a professional image
   •  dealing with difficult situations
   •  taking ownership of calls and fielding / handling appropriately

Session Seven

Tutor input and de-brief of group exercise

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